Tech Consolidates

In round numbers, the current equity values of Square, Stripe and Adyen are $20B, $10B and $5B, respectively. That’s remarkable value creation by companies that have been around for just ten years. […]

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Iceberg !

There is a giant disconnect in the U.S. Payments market that is going largely unnoticed. The parties involved seem to be talking past each other at a fairly crucial time. Somebody […]

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Fraud Hits

For years, Visa has accounted for 50% of overall card spend in the United States and a whopping 70% share in the debit card category. These percentages, when applied in an […]

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Merchant Outages

Recently, First Data began steps to disable the accounts of customers who access its systems over unsecure connections. The company has been sending out notifications and reminders for over a […]

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Project Zero

On January 2, 2018, two of the biggest security vulnerabilities of all time were made public. The back story on their discovery is both interesting and instructive. The two threats, known […]

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