Until very recently, Quick Service Restaurant, or “QSRs” in the U.S. market have lagged in the adoption of EMV chip cards. Historically, that’s been because chip card readers have taken […]

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Direct To Processor

Common sense would say that the April 2018 reinstatement of fraud liability by Visa and American Express would give lagging U.S. merchants renewed motivation to embrace chip card security. Seems like a no-brainer, […]

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When low level technology undergoes a major shift, it can create instant distress for programmers who have coded on top of it. A case in point is the upgrade of […]

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Tech Consolidates

In round numbers, the current equity values of Square, Stripe and Adyen are $20B, $10B and $5B, respectively. That’s remarkable value creation by companies that have been around for just ten years. […]

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Iceberg !

There is a giant disconnect in the U.S. Payments market that is going largely unnoticed. The parties involved seem to be talking past each other at a fairly crucial time. Somebody […]

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