Digital Ad Growth

Pure merchant processing has been a commodity business in the United States for a long time. Everybody knows that large, established merchants have unbeatable pricing and it’s the small and […]

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EMV Attacks Stifled

Financial fraud is an inevitable fact of life. Bank regulators and law enforcement liken it to the unwinnable arcade game, Whack-a-Mole. Just as one fraud scheme is mitigated, another pops […]

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Quick Chip For Dial

Visa and MasterCard report that U.S. EMV dollar volume is approaching 50% of total card spend, largely attributable to purchases at large retailers. For a combination of reasons, there’s been […]

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Card swipe readers are seemingly everywhere. Many can be seen tethered to PCs, while others are soldered into keyboards, display monitors and electronic chassis and show up in finished products […]

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MC 2 Series

Just as the stresses of EMV have begun to subside within U.S. Payment System, a new mandate has arrived. Beginning in 2017, MasterCard will expand its numbering scheme to include account […]

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