Reviews Via Text Receipts

Local merchants know that online reviews can often make or break their business. Today’s consumers expect to see lots of reviews, fresh date stamps and postings by “Verified Purchasers”. All […]

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2.7 Seconds

Quick Chip is one of the greatest enhancements to EMV since the security standard’s inception. With it came the speedy cardholder experience that U.S. merchants needed for the full-blown replacement […]

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Voltage Encryption

TranSend, an infrastructure provider to the payments industry, is pleased to announce that its RevChip EMV software supports the format-preserving encryption of HPE Security, formerly known as Voltage Security. HPE Security, […]

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Digital Ad Growth

Pure merchant processing has been a commodity business in the United States for a long time. Everybody knows that large, established merchants have unbeatable pricing and it’s the small and […]

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EMV Attacks Stifled

Financial fraud is an inevitable fact of life. Bank regulators and law enforcement liken it to the unwinnable arcade game, Whack-a-Mole. Just as one fraud scheme is mitigated, another pops […]

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