RevChip, a provider of payments infrastructure software, is pleased to announce its certification with gift card processor, Stored Value Systems. SVS is one of the world’s largest gift card operators, managing 600 million cards in 50 countries and 26 currencies.

RevChip’s collaboration with SVS highlights one of the major needs of U.S. merchants migrating to EMV chip cards. It’s a critical software capability, known as “multi-app”, and it allows gift, loyalty and other marketing programs to run seamlessly on a payment terminal.

Preserving these kinds of patron interactions is critical to many merchants.

Swiping gift cards, tracking line items on a display and keying in a phone number for loyalty programs have become second nature to U.S. shoppers. These steps are also woven into the store operations of many retailers.

Unfortunately, some EMV providers don’t support this kind of software multi-tasking. Their terminals can only perform payment transactions.

The reason has to do with software designs that were lifted from the legacy magnetic stripe era. With old designs, the result can often be that the CPU and memory resources of the payment terminal are over-consumed by the outdated code and there is simply no horsepower available to run other programs.

Thankfully, the situation is resolving quickly.

RevChip supports multiple gift card processors, line item display, loyalty programs, surveys, text receipts and numerous patron lookup functions. Custom applications can also be written for merchant-specific requirements.

Because RevChip was built from the ground up for EMV and Apple Pay, these patron applications are all cross-compatible with Quick Chip, Apple Pay, Tip Adjustment, Pay-at-the-Table, Cash Back, Partial Auth, QSR No Signature, Bar Tab, Store-and-Forward and US Common Debit.

EMV need not be a huge expense or a technology hassle. Merchants should be able to preserve their current POS marketing programs and start running Quick Chip EMV and Apple Pay in just a few days. If you agree, check out RevChip.