Local merchants know that online reviews can often make or break their business.

Today’s consumers expect to see lots of reviews, fresh date stamps and postings by “Verified Purchasers”. All of this means that small businesses need to find affordable ways to generate more reviews by happy patrons.

RevChip’s new Text Receipts service is the answer.

Text Receipts are digital copies of paper receipts that are composed inside countertop and PIN pad devices running RevChip. After a clerk or patron enters a mobile number at the point-of-sale, RevChip transmits a Text Receipt, which quickly arrives.

Text Receipts are fully configurable and can be loaded with content like online review requests, surveys and bounce back coupons.

EMV need not be a huge expense or a technology hassle. Merchants should be able to offer innovative POS marketing programs and implement chip cards and Apple Pay in just a few days. If you agree, check out RevChip.