RevChip Joins ACI Worldwide

New Standard For Omni-Channel.

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Eliminate Card Data

Protect Your POS. Integrate Quickly.

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Payments Leader 

Forrester Selects ACI Wordlwide.

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Quick Chip, Apple Pay

Fast Checkouts.  Happy Patrons.

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The Best Terminal Software for EMV and Apple Pay.

Runs on Verifone & Ingenico devices, tailored to the complex requirements of the U.S. market.
RevChip is today’s most comprehensive EMV Level 3 software for payment terminals. Its features have been shaped through years of field experience. Benefits not only include essentials like EMV liability protection for merchants and PCI scope reduction for POS systems, but also valuable new merchant programs like Apple Pay.

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EMV chip card being used with EMV software

POS Hacks Eliminated

Security and integration speed are paramount.
POS developers are on the front lines of today’s cybersecurity war. They understand the risks of a data breach and the importance of moving quickly. They need a superior EMV software and a full-sprint SDK that allows integration within hours. RevChip has both.

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Touch POS System

Add-ons Running Alongside RevChip

Not all EMV software preserves existing merchant programs.
With most EMV software, gift cards, loyalty programs and patron sign-ups simply cannot run at the point-of-sale. New programs like Apple Pay Rewards and mobile coupon redemption are automatically ruled out. Not so with RevChip EMV software. Add-ons run seamlessly.

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Mobile phone

Preserve Choice

RevChip promotes flexibility with your suppliers.
You choose the hardware. You choose the encryption scheme. You choose the token service. You choose the processor/gateway, or even toggle to multiple endpoints directly from the device. No middleman. No transaction fee. No lock-in.

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With just over half of U.S. storefronts enabled with EMV, counterfeit fraud cost have fallen by 66%.

January 2018 News Release by Visa Inc.

There are more EMV cards in the U.S. than in any other country.

Merchants are looking for cost-effective solutions that align with their business needs. Explore the benefits of RevChip, Add-ons and Estate Control then use our EMV Checklist to size them up against the alternatives.


RevChip is the most comprehensive EMV software for Verifone and Ingenico. Its semi-integrated configuration is essential for POS developers.

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Whether they are gift cards, frequency-loyalty or Apple Pay Rewards, merchant programs need to run smoothly with EMV software. RevChip Add-ons make it all possible.

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Estate Control

Device monitoring and periodic software updates are an important component of EMV security. Estate Control helps manage the portfolio.

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