Quick Chip and Apple Pay with complete features for both.

Technology shifts like the U.S. EMV migration and the follow-on NFC wave come along only so often. Market share is already being won and lost because of these transitions. RevChip is pre-certified EMV-NFC software that keeps you current in today’s competitive U.S. market.

EMV Simplified

RevChip removes the operational complexities of EMV. It installs simply and runs in a manner customary to merchants and support staff. Help Desk and Deployment teams are provided back office tools to help their operations to continue to run smoothly. Onboard help screens help to shrink support calls and software updates are automatically broadcasted without manual intervention. RevChip is both device-neutral and processor-neutral, allowing you to meet a wide array of merchant requirements while maintaining flexibility across your supplier base.

Person paying with cellular device on POS system

Merchant ROI

Some EMV software can disrupt sales. RevChip boosts them. Existing merchant programs like Gift, Check and Loyalty are preserved. New programs like Receipt Coupons, VIP Deals and Wallet Offers create revenue streams and elevate your relationship with merchants. Even better, when innovators like Apple, PayPal and Visa bring new programs to market, you’ll be ready. With RevChip the EMV conversation is no longer about cost. It’s about driving traffic into merchant establishments.

Compare Features

Check the facts.  There are vast differences among EMV solutions, even when it comes to running basic transaction types like Tip Adjust, Cash Back and Gift Card. It is important to understand what’s certified and what’s missing before you deploy an EMV solution to the field.

Our EMV Features Checklist can help you measure these crucial differences.

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