In-store, Online-to-offline.

Very few tech partners have the creativity and capabilities to help innovators productize their payments ideas so that they work in-store at thousands of transactions per second.

Operating Experience

Many of the world’s largest merchant acquirers depend on our systems to manage millions of terminal devices and route billions of payment transactions. We are accustomed to the ongoing support obligations, quality assurance testing and security compliance requirements of enterprise environments. We know scale.

Depth in EMV-NFC

Understanding the fine points is important.
EMV is a thorough standard. The U.S. market requirements are complex and extensive. We build product from the ground up to accommodate both. Our implementation track record, our global relationships and our dead-on comfort with the EMV-NFC technically standards are why we are known as domain experts.

We Move the Needle

When it comes to introducing change into the payments system, things can become complicated very quickly. To succeed you need partners who know their craft and can execute. Consider our offerings when  planning your next product implementation.

We Can Help

Systems Engineering

Design talent propels everything.
When new ideas sprout in the payment system, they are often hamstrung by legacy infrastructure. This labyrinth of real time and batch systems can be overwhelming for new entrants and established players, alike. Merging into it requires critical skills and adaptable technology. That’s where we come in.

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