China QR Codes

This year, Chinese consumers will spend the equivalent of US$10T using barcodes displayed on their smartphones. That’s “T”, for trillion. As a point of reference, the annual purchase volume on […]

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Contactless Declines

“Effective 12 October 2018, in the European Region, an Issuer must decline any Authorization Request using the Contactless MSD transaction path.” So reads a nondescript footnote in Table 4-19 of […]

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Apple Pay Cash

Sometimes it’s important to step back and look at the business landscape through a wide angle lens. Right now is one of those times. In the last ten years Apple shares […]

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Gateway Costs

Technology shifts are powerful market forces that can quickly break businesses. Aging companies are particularly susceptible because old school methods and dated business models can become too deeply rooted and prevent firms from […]

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Offshore Dev Help

No matter what you may have heard, the world is flat. “Flat”, in this case, refers to the economic term that describes how business activity naturally migrates to efficient producers when […]

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