When low level technology undergoes a major shift, it can create instant distress for programmers who have coded on top of it.

A case in point is the upgrade of credit card readers to EMV chip security.

For decades, coding card readers had been a relatively simple exercise because data was widely exposed and security checks were minimal. Hackers changed all of that, seemingly overnight.

Software that could once be written on the back of an envelope is now hundreds of thousands of code lines. Simple processor testing has been replaced with strict and lengthy certifications.

One big casualty of the migration to EMV security has been “multi-app” functionality. Multi-app is a software feature that allows card readers to perform more than just payment operations. When things like cash back, gift cards and phone number look-ups are orchestrated through a credit card reader, it’s because of multi-app capabilities.

In many cases, these functions have been lost in the move to EMV chip.

That’s because software developers have coded too high in the “software stack” and cannot reach root commands located deep inside card readers. It’s low level software written by knowledgeable programmers that unlocks critical features.

It takes years of experience and material investment to get it right.

RevChip is high performance, multi-app software that runs at very low levels inside Verifone and Ingenico card readers. It’s feature list is the most comprehensive in the U.S. market.


About RevChip

RevChip is the most comprehensive and affordable EMV-NFC software built for the U.S. market. It connects to major processors without a transaction fee and runs equally on Verifone and Ingenico devices. Using RevChip, merchants eliminate card data from their systems and shrink the burdens of PCI. The RevChip SDK provides POS developers with a quick and thorough EMV integration without the hassles of middleware.

To learn more about how RevChip solves for EMV, Quick Chip and Apple Pay, download our Semi-Integrated EMV Guide or reach us at (800)560-0415.