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EMV has finally arrived in the U.S., but the card readers you’ve tried out don’t work or are extremely messy to integrate. Now Apple Pay is rolling out. What you want is a modern, out-of-PCI-scope solution that can run both EMV and Apple Pay. RevChip is here to help. Its XML APIs enable you to code up semi-integrated payment acceptance in just a few days. Our cloud simulator even allows you to QA without stopping to connect a physical device. RevChip makes EMV and Apple Pay super-easy.

EMV chip card inserted into a POS system using out-of-scope software

Eliminate Card Data

In a semi-integrated configuration, a POS system securely connects to RevChip running inside a PIN pad device. There is no middleware layer, on-prem software, mandatory gateway or extra hardware required. Using a web services interface, a POS system and RevChip exchange messages using only non-sensitive data. There is no middleware plug-in buried inside your iOS, Android or Windows application. As a purely external resource, RevChip alone handles the EMV and Apple Pay transactions coast-to-coast and then returns the results in non-sensitive form. The POS system never sees card data, whether encrypted or not. That means PCI goes away.

To see how RevChip secures POS systems, download our Guide to Semi-Integrated EMV.

Integrate Quickly

As software developers, we understand the difficulties of connecting to embedded hardware. That’s why we built the RevChip SDK. It contains all of the APIs, documentation, reference code and simulation tools you will need. With the RevChip SDK there is no waiting for hardware to arrive. Your developer credentials include a dedicated cloud instance of RevChip, which allows you to fully integrate, test and QA your interface without a physical device. With RevChip you’ll measure your EMV progress in hours, not weeks.

To check out the RevChip SDK, click here.

Compare Features

We pay attention to the fine details of EMV. RevChip’s low level access inside the PIN pad means that it can provide POS systems with critical features and enhanced performance, which are often unavailable with middleware. It’s important to evaluate the key differences before choosing the right EMV solution with which to integrate.

Our EMV Features Checklist can help you navigate.

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