EMV, Apple Pay, Simplified.

RevChip is today’s most complete EMV Level 3 payment application built for the U.S. market. RevChip is not “middleware”. It’s embedded code that runs deep inside Verifone and Ingenico devices in both stand alone and semi-integrated configurations. RevChip supports the latest innovation, like Apple Pay, Visa Quick Chip and MasterCard M/Chip Fast, and connects directly to payment processors without adding a transaction fee.

Application Features

EMV Chip

Comprehensive EMV & NFC Attributes

Not all EMV is created equal. Features gaps in software can turn into huge competitive weaknesses in the field. RevChip is built from years of experience in the U.S. market. It allows you to meet merchant demands for Tip Adjustment, Bar Tab, Cash Back, QSR and Gift Cards while allowing you to introduce new programs like Apple Pay, Visa Quick Chip and MasterCard M/Chip Fast. Need to activate these programs after deployment? It’s no problem with RevChip. Check the complete features list and equip yourself with the best EMV software designed for the U.S. market.

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Seamless Multi-App

Merchants expect their gift, loyalty and check programs to work with EMV. These programs run today, so why not tomorrow? With RevChip that’s possible. Add-ons just work. Even better, new programs are coming. Right now, innovators like Visa, PayPal and Apple are working on cool merchant offerings and RevChip is right there with them. Why? Because new Add-ons can be rapidly coded up and deployed into the field overnight. RevChip’s progressive software design and the power of Estate Control make it all possible.

Security with RevChip

Auto-Update, Continuous Estate Monitoring

The EMV standard is all about keeping current against the latest security threats. This requires constant device monitoring and timely security updates to software. Estate Control provides centralized terminal management and automated updates, but goes beyond. It is comprehensive support stack of terminal help screens, detailed documentation, alert notifications, diagnotic tools and much-much more. With Estate Control merchants and support staff have the tools they need to keep the portfolio operating both securely and efficiently.

Compatible Hardware

Countertop, PIN pad, Wireless

Verifone: Payment Solutions and POS Solutions

Verifone Devices

Built on a 30-year history of uncompromised security, Verifone is transforming everyday transactions into opportunities for connected commerce. RevChip proudly runs on the following Verifone devices:


Countertop Dial, IP

Data Sheet


Data Sheet


Data Sheet


Data Sheet

Pin Pad, Wi-Fi

Data Sheet
Ingenico Group - Global Leader in Seamless Payment

Ingenico Devices

Ingenico Group is the global leader in seamless payment solutions and possesses the world’s largest acceptance device network. RevChip proudly runs on the following Ingenico devices:


Countertop Dial, IP

Data Sheet

Countertop Dial, IP

Data Sheet


Data Sheet


Data Sheet


Data Sheet

Pin Pad

Data Sheet
RevChip | EMV Software at Scale

New Players. New Form Factors. New Ideas.

Fintech innovation continues at a quick pace, but entrants face unique complexities in the U.S. market. We know the U.S. market and are keen to bring new ideas to life.

If you are an innovative device manufacturer or value-add program operator, let’s connect. Our passion is ramping new technology that delights merchants and their patrons. We partner with like-minded companies.


No other EMV software allows value-add programs, like gift card and check acceptance, to run seamlessly with payment. RevChip is unique in enabling these programs to interoperate on EMV terminals and PIN pads. RevChip and Add-ons change the merchant conversation. It’s no longer about reducing payment processing costs, it’s about driving new sales into the merchant’s establishment.

RevChip accepts giftcards
RevChip accepts checks
RevChip accepts loyalty programs
RevChip allows email receipts
Text Receipts
RevChip allows VIP deals and promotions
VIP Enrollment
RevChip allows coupons to be printed on receipts
Bounceback Coupons
RevChip allows QR codes
QR Codes
RevChip accepts mobile offer redemption
Wallet Offers
RevChip allows surveys
RevChip allows accounting exports
Accounting Export

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