Until very recently, Quick Service Restaurant, or “QSRs” in the U.S. market have lagged in the adoption of EMV chip cards. Historically, that’s been because chip card readers have taken too long to process transactions.

Now, advances like Quick Chip have ameliorated speed concerns and merchants –QSRs in particular– are rolling out chip card readers.

These large scale moves have created increasing pressure on technology vendors to preserve critical QSR functionalities in the transition from mag stripe to chip.

One such functionality is “Store-and-Forward”, a software feature that kicks in when communication lines at a merchant location go down.

Store-and-forward allows the merchant to accept payments even though transactions cannot be electronically authorized at the time of sale. The merchant willingly assumes some temporary risk on these sales and “stores” transactions onsite. Then, once communications are restored, the merchant “forwards” them to its payment processor for authorization.

Unfortunately, implementing Store-and-Forward with EMV can be messy.

The card reader software needs to expertly juggle cryptograms, threshold limits, network polling, transaction sequencing, voice auth codes, reversals, representments and other exception handling.

Then all of that code needs to be certified by the various payment processors, each of which can require months of effort.

The good news is that, once certified, Store-and-Forward can be deployed to multiple merchant POS systems many times over.. without the need for any incremental certifications.

Presently, RevChip has EMV Store-and-Forward certified to the U.S. authorization platforms of Vantiv, TSYS, Global-Heartland and First Data.


About RevChip

RevChip is the most comprehensive and affordable EMV-NFC software built for the U.S. market. It connects to major processors without a transaction fee and runs equally on Verifone and Ingenico devices. Using RevChip, merchants eliminate card data from their systems and shrink the burdens of PCI. The RevChip SDK provides POS developers with a quick and thorough EMV integration without the hassles of middleware.

To learn more about how RevChip solves for EMV, Quick Chip and Apple Pay, download our Semi-Integrated EMV Guide or reach us at (800)560-0415.